Friday 23 December 2011

Incredible India: Seeking Koenig Solutions to Atrocious Conditions

Something of the heart
There are othermatters that might appear peripheral but are pertinent and demand urgent andeffective action on the part of those who have the power to implement change.
The need for arecognition of the fact that the broad experience of the boot camp trainingregime means we interface with more of the lower cadre of workers in the KoenigSolutions hierarchy and we cannot be oblivious of certain obvious and worrisomethings.
Apart from thetrainers who we interact with for about 8 hours a day, it is the young men atour accommodations that cater for our other needs in providing meals,facilitating our laundry, doing the housekeeping and sometimes having to tackleissues and problems they are barely equipped to handle like when the wirelessInternet connectivity service fails.
Such appalling conditions
One cannot fail tocommend these men either at the main Koenig Inn or at the other apartmentsdotted around New Delhi.
However, you canimagine my shock when I noticed that in a 24-room inn which is barely of 2-starquality I arrived to see that two of the workers at the inn were sleeping onthe floor. It is something I have seen a few times since and you just do notget used to it at all.
For whateverworking circumstances exist in India that might differ from those in elsewhereand for whatever satisfaction these men might have with their jobs, the momentthese conditions are exposed to those from outside India, the situation isuntenable.
It becomes anunbearable stain on our consciences where we dare to be humane and have a basicsense of dignity that people who toil tirelessly for our comfort are housed inconditions so appalling.
Shock does not describe it by half
Beyond that,reports from at least one apartment under the management of the KoenigSolutions entire indicate the workers have no toilet facilities that it is almosta moment of ululation when a guest leaves just because it affords them theopportunity to do things in a more healthy way.
I heard this, daysago; the shock of the news is just wearing off, but it is something that needswriting about and sorting out. The management at Koenig Solutions havingreceived prizes for being one of the best places to work for in India makes onewonder what kind of criteria is used to determine such an accolade.
Fundamentally, ifKoenig Solutions provides world-class training services, it is only incumbenton them to make provision of a better class of working and living conditions fortheir staff at these places.
Perish the thoughtthat Koenig Solutions for all the praise it has gotten the ignominy of being aprovider of world-class sweat shop conditions becomes the enduring experienceafter we have left for the comfort of our homes.

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