Friday 9 December 2011

Incredible India: Koenig Solutions being responsive

Shut-eye in class

I could barely keep my eyes open for most of today, I hadn’t slept that well and the passivity of listening and the occasional question or discussion makes for a rather dull man.

Even after the infusion of 2 cans of Red Bull, neither the caffeine nor the taurine appeared to produce the desired effect, most stimulants rarely ever get to engage my physiology to any level of stimulation, it is a matter of the will and the prop of a placebo, even a stinging slap at times that seems to do the job but not today.

Besides, there was a bit of discomfort that had me visiting the lavatories a few more times than necessary; not good at all.

Changes apace

Well after lunch, our centre manager came over for a chat to see how I was getting on, apparently, my blog had been read and a number of changes had been set in motion.

I had already noticed that the meals at dinner time had improved considerably in quality, I received an apology for the pick-up mishap and I have been promised some compensation, the hot water at the inn will now run 24/7 rather than just early in the mornings and in the evenings, all days of the week, the hand-wash bottles in the toilet appear to have been cleaned.

There is some progress, especially in the silly little things that Western histrionics take for granted; I would suppose the other matters raised are having a review too for the purposes of improvement.

Koenig Solutions making it happen

As I observe or learn of other things, my blogs will be duly updated. Let’s just say Koenig Solutions as I said before has the potential to offer a world class service and there are people able to facilitate that to acceptable expectations.

A responsive organisation has every prospect of earning confidence and that is worthy of commendation.

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