Thursday 17 June 2010

Social Engineering email scam

I don’t know you
I thought I would post this before dashing out to catch my plane to Berlin for the weekend.
This email arrived in my mailbox with the premise that one of my web mail accounts might have been illegally accessed.
That kind of information, I would like to know if my email provider is monitoring strange activity on my account, but when it is addressed to undisclosed recipients, one has to get suspicious and when they ask for your password, well, it is a scam.
Don’t believe a word
This is a classic social engineering means of instilling fear to obtain information from the unassuming, not only can this be used to obtain private details as passwords, it can be extended to more intimate information as account details, identification numbers and more.
Just class the email as junk mail and a scam attempt, NEVER give your personal details to anyone, you might be offered the opportunity to verify or change information but never to give that information for any type of administration.
The service is theirs to offer but the access codes are yours to keep and never to be shared with anyone except under the duress of the law where all adequate measures have been taken to protect your rights.
The graphic below shows my views of what I read of the email. Beware!
Admin email scam

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