Thursday 25 March 2010

My first day back at work

The night before and off to work
The night passed with a bit of tossing and turning and the alarm set to 7:15 AM in preparation for my first day at work, I cannot say that I slept that well.
Here I was after I returned from the interview the day before trying hard to keep alert in the afternoon and finally succumbing to the draw of a lie down.
I got a bit concerned that I might not be able to hold out for a full day at work, almost 7 weeks after chemotherapy there was still I lot to be gained in strength, weight and ability.
When the alarm went off, I got up but I do not think I have as much as 2 hours in every stretch of sleep all night starting from about an hour before midnight.
I did the essentials and got out just a few minutes after 8:00 AM with the plan to catch the 8:29 AM from Amsterdam Central Station to Schiphol, I am working for a daughter company of a larger airline.
Arriving on time, I was picked up from reception, introduced to a number of people and then linked up with the man who would be my main colleague throughout the term of the contract.
A working man
We whizzed through that the task was to be done and the issues or risks that might arise whilst double-checking tracks and assumptions that are associated with projects like this.
As much as possible, I tried to keep from yawning as my accounts and badge were ordered, the day accumulated in hours and I felt strong and able all through to lunch.
At lunch I had a salad of eggs, ham, cheese, greens and olives as one of my colleagues grew interested in the treatments I had had over the last 6 months.
Indeed, it was 6 months ago that I was lain in hospital about to informed of some seriously life-changing news and here I was at my first day back at work.
After lunch, we went through a few more documents and tried to close the matters concerning my contract or payroll options, on reflection, using my company would be best for this role.
Soon afterwards, it is 5 O’Clock and a few minutes after, I closed down my computer and bid everyone goodbye as I returned home, quite tired, definitely happy, got some foodstuff and was home just before half six.
Thank you all for supporting and believing in me all this while.

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