Friday 6 February 2009

100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa

Now in education

Last week, a link was made to my blog and it was from [1] where my blog had been named as one of the 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa [2].

I was surprised that body of work I had written had gained a recommendation such that it could become part of educational material for learning about Africa and so I am quite pleased too.

Another thing was the summary given about my blog at number 31 under the Nigeria grouping, which unbeknownst to me highlighted matters I had not consciously realised I was writing about.

Reviewed by others

The summary says: Touching on topics including women’s rights and using African people as guinea pigs in the research of anti-malarial medications, this blog covers African issues with a focus on Nigeria.

Thinking about it now, I really have been writing a lot about women’s rights considering I am a man, but it really has not been so much about women but rights in general which just happen to have women suffering at the wrong end of what should be theirs to enjoy.

Obviously, I have written about Africans being used in drug experiments but this particular allusion in relation to malaria was more a brainwave about harnessing the brain power [3] of those on anti-malarial drugs to solve complex problems.

I do write about Africa [4] with a focus on Nigeria because it is important to realise that our being out in Diaspora does not make our home countries any less significant in our lives.

Our relevance nevertheless

In fact, we are unwilling or inadvertent ambassadors of our African home countries and people in the communities where we live, work and socialise expect us to be completely clued in on what happens in our home countries and also view us as extensions of what they should expect of our home countries.

Especially, Nigerians who have now gained the right to vote from abroad [5], meaning we are even more relevant to issues about government, governance and accountability back home.

I am pleased to be recognised as one of the 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa and I suggest that you review other blogs showcased in this reference piece of educational material.



[2] 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa - Learn-gasm

[3] Using the brains of people on anti-malarial drugs []

[4] Why I Blog About Africa []

[5] Nigerians abroad get voting rights: 234 Next

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