Friday 16 January 2004

Report Card - 2003

Excellent with room for improvement
The delivery
The Performance Review day arrived without much event apart from the fact that the initial hours provided scope for anger and resentment, but with a few long deep breaths, one relaxed.
For some reason evident to the boss, he had planned this for 09:00hrs knowing that I am not the best for early starts though I do hours well beyond the call of duty.
The hard feelings exacerbated on arriving just in time to find that he was a bit tardy, sometimes making a statement of principle requires inherent principles for starters.
Beyond all the carping and vituperation directed at the boss and his cronies over the last few blogs, he could at times be quite charming; you would be charmed out of your shoes, just as he could downright nasty.
One gave a general overview of objectives met and achieved with very good results; there was no need to spruce up any of the statements.
Then for some off-sheet accounts, a report of all the activities, achievements and successes for 2003 and then the goals and aspirations for 2004.
The Assessment
So far, the boss was quite impressed with one's performance and said so without noticeable restraint.
However, such assessments are rather two-edged, with proclamation come declamation and one had better to ready for that. It is standard practise to have room for improvement.
Well, nobody is perfect, neither is one, though one tries.
The Proclamations
A great asset to the team who applies meticulous discipline to all activities in which one has influence or input. Having a good grasp of how one's work fits into the organisation. Modesty is a virtue one would covet at this moment.
The Declamations
One does try to make it to work on time and have been on time most of the time. However, there has been occasion when one's presence has been needed earlier in the day and one was yet expected.
Somehow, some team members had turned that into a running joke implying one gets in after 11:00AM. That had precipitated into an assumed reality.
The work one does requires a lot of interaction between core skill personnel in our CIO team. Much of that is done by visiting the personnel at their desks rather than formalising meetings by booking time and rooms.
Apparently, one particular colleague with whom one has no day-to-day interaction had for a while taken a dislike to one's social interactions of which a majority is work-related.
In addition, some others had cited one's visits as impediments to their deliverables. Anyway, that is one area needing a radical character shift.
Finally, one's realism in the execution of projects unfortunately declines to antagonism by people who prefer to execute without weighing the risks. Whilst one is not utterly risk-averse, one only allows risk for the things within one's control.
One will not use other parties' assessment as a basis for taking risk knowing that failure never really accounts for the input of the third party.
True to type
Amongst other aspects, which need improvement, having the personality analysis introduced the boss to a new feature pf personality profiling and the scientific study of the individual as an individual of unique abilities and failures.
What made the most interesting reading was the career report based on the results of the Temperament Sorter analysis.
In producing the report below, one acknowledges the professional expertise of the Advisor Team in producing researched and detailed analysis based on responses to questionnaires that characterise character and temperament traits.
Under the topic of "Choosing the Best Occupation" read, ruminate and laugh – even the boss could not have imagined anyone would be well prepared to debate the declamations.
One would work on improving but not at the cost of personality aversion. That said, these assessments are the best independent analysis of who one is and in most cases rings true.
The Report
Artisan-Performer (ESFP)
Your motto is, "Let me entertain you. Let me make you smile." Bringing playfulness to any situation is your greatest contribution. In your ideal job, you have the opportunity to apply your talent for perfuming-improvising communications so that they appeal to the individuals or groups of people in you environment. You are very expressive and feel stifled in reserved and formal environments. When you are stuck in such environments, you may entertain yourself by playing the "class clown."
Your Ideal Job:
  1. Makes use of your charm and your kindness.
  2. Lets you make a "splash."
  3. Takes place in an expressive, personal setting.
  4. Lets you and the people around you have fun.
  5. Exposes you to a lot of people.
  6. Provides variety in projects, tasks and experiences.
  7. Provides a little bit of drama everyday.
Things you're good at:
  1. You make your workplace more enjoyable for everyone.
  2. You are good at the social aspects of work: interviewing, service, relationship building.
  3. Others recognize and appreciate your kindness.
  4. You can be powerfully persuasive.
  5. You enjoy interviewing, public speaking and other opportunities to represent yourself and your company.
  6. You probably get along with everyone you come in come in contact with.
  7. You are extremely resourceful in times of crisis.
Things to be aware of:
  1. In some arenas, you may not be taken seriously.
  2. You become restless when you have to work alone, with no one to interact with.
  3. Your expressiveness may be perceived as disruptive or "inappropriate."
  4. You have a tendency to play "class clown."
  5. You tend to avoid tedious work.
  6. Socialising at work and your social life outside of work may be sources of distraction.
  7. You may rely too heavily on information you get from people and fail to do your own research or make your own judgments.

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