Wednesday 17 December 2003

You change to change the world

I have always been a collector of quotations; they are triggers to developing new thought processes and door ways into new perspectives.
Based on a paraphrase of a saying by General Shinseki (US Army Chief of Staff), I rant without particular purpose, hoping to make sense of it all.
"They who hate change would hate irrelevance even more"
Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone's opinion is sound, beclouded by sentiment, lacking in objectivity, not following logic and way off the commonsense scale.
Make a difference by changing yourself to become what you want the world to become, allow for failure to be able to appreciate success. Let the inner strength in you make you aware that there can never be anyone else who can live their lives the way you have lived yours.
Let that uniqueness take you out of the crowd to a point where you have your own crowd, follow the leaders with discretion, cut-away with conviction, always learn first before you teach. Extract yourself from the norm and become the norm, be crazy but reasonable, be mad but sensible, be creative and liberate others.
Do not take yourself too seriously, if you should; know that you are not indispensable, after two weeks of your absence someone else would come in to do it even better than you did.
If you should be an example, be exceptional and always remember no matter who you become, there is always someone greater than you even God.
It is all about change, if you have to react to change rather than be part of the change, you most probably have missed that wave of change. Keeping informed keeps you in the loop.

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